Are you looking some new and exciting recipes featuring steak and pasta?

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Here is a collection of steak pasta recipes to satisfy your cravings.

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These are nutritious meals as lean beef is a great source of protein, iron and vitamin B12, while pasta provides energy-boosting carbohydrates.

So, get ready for some delicious and healthy steak pasta recipes. Enjoy this classic combination in various ways.

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Creamy Balsamic Steak Pasta

This dish is nothing less than a feast – meaty, delicious and beautifully presented!

The balsamic marinade gives sweet-tangy flavor to the steak that sits atop delicious, creamy pasta.

And there is more…

The dish also features spinach that adds texture, taste as well as vibrant green color to the dish.


Creamy Pepper Pasta with Steak Strips

Looking for a pasta dish with a little bit of a kick?

Enjoy this recipe with a blend of heat and beefy goodness.

You’ll be peppered with flavor in every bite and steak-struck by the tender, juicy strips of meat.

So, try the recipe that is on-so-satisfying!


Ribeye Steak Pasta Puttanesca

Get ready to say “Molto Bene!” to this mouth-watering Ribeye Steak Pasta Puttanesca.

Made with juicy ribeye steak and a savory puttanesca sauce that’s bursting with olives, capers and tomatoes, this dish is a true taste of Italy.

The steak is perfectly cooked and the sauce is the perfect balance of salty and tangy flavors.


Creamy Steak Penne Pasta

Here is a steak-out dish that’s easy to whip up when you’re feeling pasta-hungry!

With tender strips of steak and a velvety, cheesy sauce, it’s the best comfort food for a weekday.

And you will be surprised to know…

The lovely garnishing makes it an elegant dish for date nights or romantic dinners.


Creamy Steak Pasta with Gorgonzola

Looking for a pasta dish with a little bit of funk?

Here is an irresistible blend of rich, savory flavors that are pastalicious!

And here is the catch!

Juicy strips of steak and creamy sauce are infused with tangy gorgonzola, making this dish is a real flavor bomb!


Creamy Steak Pasta with Button Mushrooms

What makes a steak pasta more delicious?

Some chewy button mushrooms that add texture to a meaty and creamy pasta!

This recipe is amazing for any busy weekday as it is simple to make!

And here is a wonderful tip…

Use some of the pasta water to naturally thicken the sauce.


Steakhouse Pasta

Get ready to indulge in a steakhouse-worthy meal with this mouth-watering steakhouse pasta!

Tender slices of steak, perfectly cooked pasta and a creamy sauce make this dish a true taste of luxury.

You will be surprised to know…

This wonderful looking dish takes only 30 minutes before you can enjoy it – alone or with your family!


One Pot Philly Steak Pasta

If you are a fan of Philly cheese steak sandwiches, you are going to adore this pasta version of the sandwiches.

Here is what you are going to love about this dish!

Juicy slices of beef, some bell peppers and onions, a creamy sauce and gooey cheese! 

Cook all the ingredients in one pot and enjoy a delicious, hassle-free meal.


Pasta with Steak and Spinach

Get ready for a deliciously healthy pasta dish that’s packed with flavor and fun!

This pasta is a surefire way to get your greens and protein in one meal.

With perfectly cooked steak and tender spinach, this dish is a perfect combination of savory and nutritious.

It’s easy to make and even easier to enjoy!


French Onion Steak Pasta

Do you know what inspires this recipe?

The classic French Onion Soup!

Having the same flavors in a comforting pasta dish with meaty steak is a delightful experience.

So, try this recipe that provides a through guide with tips and instructions.


Easy Marinara Steak Pasta

Yes, it is possible to cook an easy version of steak pasta with the perfect marinara sauce right in your own kitchen!

And guess what?

You don’t have to be a pro chef to nail this recipe!

Follow the easy instructions and you’ll know how to fix the dish in no time!


Peppered Steak Pasta

Peppered steak pasta is always a classic with its spiced up flavor and rare-done steak.

Surprisingly, it is a very simple dish to make. Simple season the steak and pan fry it, toss it into cooked pasta and garnish with parmesan.

And here comes the secret ingredient…

Wild rocket!

Enjoy the peppery taste!


Steak Fajita Pasta

Combine your love for Mexican fajitas with Italian pasta in a single dish – steak fajita pasta!

It is a lovely, vibrant dish that makes a hearty and satisfying meal.

Be the star chef of your family by cooking this exciting dish and get ready for requests to cook it more often!


Steak Pizzaiola Pasta

Get ready for a saucy and delicious pasta dish that’s full of Italian flavor.

This meal is an awesome blend of juicy steak and a zesty tomato sauce that’s simmered with peppers, onions, and garlic.

With every bite, you’ll savor the richness of the sauce and the succulent steak.


Beef Stir Fry with Noodles

Stir things up with this delicious beef stir fry and noodles!

Tender beef, crisp veggies and yummy noodles – the perfect recipe for a quick and scrumptious meal.

And guess what?

You can add your favorite veggies and make the dish more nutritious.

So, visit the recipe and enjoy the vibrant dish.


Creamy Mushroom and Steak Pasta

Ah! Mushrooms, steak and pasta – what a delicious combination of textures!

Toss everything in a velvety sauce to make your pasta richer and juicier.

And surprisingly…

It is an easy fix that doesn’t take much time.

You should definitely try your cooking skills with this recipe with its through instructions.


Mediterranean Steak Pasta with Tomato Olive Sauce

Here is a fancy, restaurant-like dish that you can cook yourself!

This impressive dish is really easy to make, thanks to the step-by-step instructions.

And there is more…

All it takes it 30 minutes to make some juicy steak and create a scrumptious tomato olive sauce for the best pasta ever!


Leftover Steak Pasta

Want to use last night’s leftover steak a creative way?

Toss it into some delicious pasta for a meaty Italian meal.

This meal is ready sooner than you can imagine. It is a great option for last minute cooking.

And here is what the recipe suggests…

Enjoy it with Lagrein wine!


Quick Pasta Dinner with Leftover Steak

Here is a recipe to help you utilize some leftover steal in a delicious way.

It is a wonderfully quick recipe for home cooks who already have a lot on their plate!

It is also a great recipe for beginners…

Here is why…

The whole cooking process is explained stepwise along with picture instructions for the easiest guidance.


Steak and Cheddar Mac and Cheese

Get ready to give some ordinary Mac and Cheese an exciting and meaty twist.

Adding steak to this classic macaroni dish really elevates the meal and makes it heartier and more filling!

It is a great recipe for any lazy day or when you can’t find time for making extravagant meals – steak and cheddar mac and cheese to the rescue!


Final Thoughts

Well, folks, we’ve gone on quite the journey together through the world of steak pasta recipes!

From classic dishes like steak fajita pasta and steakhouse pasta to more unique creations like French onion steak pasta, we’ve explored many delicious ways to combine these two culinary powerhouses.

And not to forget…

These steak pasta recipes are a hearty way of adding more protein and iron to your meals.

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