Following a keto diet can get exhausting, especially because you don’t get to eat the delicious food – it’s hard to give up, right?

In fact, good recipes are way too complicated and need hours of work, so you end up breaking the diet. 

However, to make sure you eat healthily and get to shed the extra pounds, we have amazingly easy keto shrimp recipes. 

We have 25 keto shrimp recipes that are perfect for your regular cooking and there’s no need to purchase expensive ingredients either!

Keto Popcorn Shrimp

This recipe for keto popcorn shrimp is a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional fried shrimp. 

The recipe uses almond flour and coconut flour as a coating, which is a great low-carb alternative to traditional flour. 

It’s apt for those who are following a ketogenic diet or if you want to minimize the carb intake. 

The recipe is beginner-friendly, and the shrimp turns out crispy and delicious. It is a perfect snack or appetizer for any occasion.


Garlic Shrimp Boats

Garlic shrimp boats are a fantastic appetizer that is easy to cook and filled with flavor. 

The garlic butter sauce adds an extra flavor to the shrimp, which is placed on a crisp lettuce bed and served in a boat made out of sliced baguette. 

The combination of the crispy bread and juicy shrimp creates a perfect texture balance that will have your guests coming back for more. 


Cajun Shrimp Caesar Salad

The combination of cajun shrimp and Caesar salad is a match made in heaven. 

The spicy seasoning adds an extra dimension of flavor to the juicy shrimp, which is served on romaine lettuce and mixed in Caesar dressing.

It is apt if you need a light lunch or dinner and is quick to fix. 

The combination of the spicy shrimp and creamy dressing will leave you screaming for more.


Easy Smoked Keto Shrimp

This recipe for easy smoked keto shrimp is a great way to add smokiness to your shrimp without having to use a smoker. 

The recipe is beginner-friendly to follow and doesn’t need many ingredients either. 

The shrimp is seasoned with a simple mix of spices and then smoked on a grill or in a smoker machine until they are flavored to perfection. 

This dish is perfect for if you have to follow a ketogenic diet or those who are looking for a nutritious way to prepare shrimp.


Buffalo Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Buffalo shrimp lettuce wraps are a fantastic appetizer or light meal that is easy to make and packed with flavor. 

The spicy buffalo sauce adds an extra dimension of flavor to the shrimp, which is then wrapped in a crisp lettuce leaf. 

The combination of the spicy shrimp and cool lettuce is a perfect balance of flavor and texture. 

This dish is apt if you need a healthy yet scrumptious alternative to traditional Buffalo wings.


Keto Bang Bang Shrimp

Keto bang bang shrimp is a low-carb and delicious alternative to the traditional fried shrimp dish. 

The recipe uses almond flour and coconut flour as a coating, which is a great low-carb alternative to traditional flour. 

The shrimp is then tossed in a spicy and creamy sauce that is made with mayonnaise, Sriracha sauce, and honey. 


Keto Chinese Orange Peel Shrimp

This dish is a perfect show of how healthy diet can still be full of flavor and variety. 

The sweet and tangy orange flavor pairs perfectly with the juicy shrimp, and the low-carb ingredients make it a guilt-free indulgence. 

The use of almond flour instead of traditional flour also adds a nice nutty flavor and helps keep the dish keto-friendly. 

This dish is a delicious take on Asian-inspired flavor to your keto meal plan.


Shrimp and Arugula Salad

This refreshing salad is a perfect meal for those hot summer days. 

The peppery arugula goes with the sweet and succulent shrimp, and the tangy vinaigrette brings everything together. 

This salad is loaded with nutrients. Shrimp is an excellent source of protein, while arugula is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

This dish is an apt example of how healthy eating can still be delicious and satisfying.


Keto Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp scampi is a classic dish that’s usually loaded with carbs. This keto version, however, is just as tasty, but without all the added carbs. 

The use of zucchini noodles instead of traditional pasta is a great way to keep the dish low-carb while still providing a satisfying texture. 

The garlic and butter sauce adds a rich and indulgent flavor to the dish, and the shrimp is perfectly cooked and succulent. 

This keto shrimp scampi is a great way to enjoy a mouthwatering meal without any of the guilt.


One-Pan Blackened Shrimps

This one-pan dish is not only easy to make, but it’s also packed with flavor. 

The blackened seasoning adds a nice smoky flavor to the shrimp, while the bell peppers and onions provide a nice crunch. 

This dish will be amazing for busy weeknights when you want something yummy but are too tired to cook.

It’s also yummy if you want to make meals for an entire day as you can make a large batch.


Chimichurri Grilled Shrimp

Chimichurri is a traditional Argentinean sauce that’s usually served with grilled meats. This version, however, is paired with succulent grilled shrimp. 

The tangy and herbaceous sauce adds a nice zing to the dish, and the grilled shrimp is perfectly cooked and juicy. 

This dish will add international flavor to your meal plan, and it’s also a great option for outdoor BBQs and gatherings.


Keto Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail is a classic appetizer that’s usually loaded with carbs. This keto version, however, is just as tasty, but without any of the added carbs. 

The cocktail sauce is made with keto-friendly ingredients, including sugar-free ketchup and horseradish. 

The shrimp is perfectly cooked and succulent, and the dish will add protein to your meal plan. 

This keto shrimp cocktail is a perfect appetizer for any occasion, and it’s sure to impress your guests.


Slow-Cooker Keto Gumbo with Shrimp

This recipe is apt if you love a good hearty meal that’s full of flavor. 

The slow-cooker method allows all the ingredients to meld together beautifully, resulting in a delicious and satisfying meal. 

The addition of shrimp adds a nice touch of protein and texture, while the use of keto-friendly ingredients ensures that it’s a healthy and low-carb option. 

This gumbo is perfect for meal prep, as it can be made in large batches, as you can reheat it throughout the week for an easy dinner.


15-Minute Garlic Shrimp Zucchini Pasta

If you’ve a tight schedule but still want a healthy meal, this pasta is perfect for you. 

The garlic shrimp and zucchini pasta come together in just fifteen minutes, making it a quick option for busy week nights. 

The use of zucchini noodles instead of traditional pasta keeps it low-carb and healthy, while the garlic and shrimp add plenty of flavor and protein. 

This dish is also incredibly diverse, as you can easily swap out the shrimp for chicken or tofu, and add in any additional vegetables or herbs that you like.


Coconut Shrimp with Sweet and Spicy Sauce

This recipe is for everyone who likes a little bit of heat with their food. 

The coconut shrimp is crispy and flavorful, while the sweet and spicy sauce adds the perfect amount of kick. 

The use of coconut flour keeps it gluten-free and low-carb, while the addition of coconut milk adds a nice touch of creaminess. 

This dish is perfect for entertaining, as it’s easy to make in large batches.


Keto Shrimp and Broccoli Stir-Fry

This stir-fry is perfect for anyone who wants a healthy and low-carb option that’s packed with flavor. 

The combination of shrimp and this green veggie is a classic one, and the addition of garlic and ginger adds plenty of depth and complexity. 

The use of tamari will keep it gluten-free, while the use of coconut oil ensures that it’s keto-friendly. 

This dish is perfect for weekly meal prep, as it can be pre-made and cooked in large batches.


Cilantro Lime Shrimp Bowl

If you love bright and fresh flavors, this is the ultimate dish for you. 

The cilantro and lime add plenty of zing to the dish. On the contrary, shrimp adds a nice touch of protein. 

The use of cauliflower rice instead of traditional rice keeps it low-carb and healthy, while avocado and tomatoes add plenty of healthy fats and nutrients. 

This dish is perfect for lunch as well as dinner. Also, you can easily prepare in your kitchen and experiment with delicious herbs and veggies. 


Easy Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

This fajita recipe is perfect if you want quick and convenient meal that’s loaded with flavor. 

The use of a sheet pan makes cleanup a breeze, while the combination of shrimp, bell peppers, and onions ensures that it’s both delicious and healthy. 

The addition of cumin and chili powder gives it a nice kick, while the use of tortillas allows you to customize it to your liking. 


Creamy Shrimp Stuffed Avocado

If you prefer a creamy and flavorful dish, you won’t find a dish better than this.

The mixture of shrimp and avocado is a classic one, while the addition of cream cheese and garlic and paprika adds plenty of depth and complexity. 

The use of avocado as the vessel for the shrimp mixture ensures that it’s satisfying, while cilantro and lime add a nice touch of freshness. 

This dish is perfect for lunch or as an appetizer, and it’s sure to impress your guests.


Grilled Cajun Creole Shrimp with Sausage Skewers

This recipe is suitable for anyone who indulges in a little bit of spice and heat. 

The combination of shrimp and sausage on a skewer is a classic one, while the use of Cajun and Creole spices adds plenty of flavor and complexity. 

The grilling method ensures that the shrimp and sausage are perfectly cooked, while the use of bell peppers and onions adds a nice touch of sweetness. 

This dish is perfect for entertaining, as you can cook it in large batches and serve it as a yummy appetizer.


Keto Kung Pao Shrimp

If you crave a good stir-fry that’s both healthy and flavorful, look no further.

The use of keto-friendly ingredients like coconut aminos and erythritol ensures that it’s low-carb and healthy.

Also, the combination of shrimp, peanuts, and vegetables adds plenty of texture and flavor. 

The addition of Sichuan peppercorns gives it a nice kick, while the use of zucchini noodles keeps it light and refreshing. 


Pesto Shrimp Zoodles

The combination of shrimp and pesto will blow your mind, we promise!

The use of zucchini noodles instead of traditional pasta keeps it low-carb and healthy, while the addition of shrimp and pesto adds plenty of protein and flavor. 

The use of cherry tomatoes and pine nuts adds a nice touch of sweetness and crunch, while the addition of Parmesan cheese gives it a nice umami flavor. 

This dish is can be served in dinner, and it’ll be an absolute hit among your family and friends.


Shrimp Asparagus in Garlic Butter

Shrimp Asparagus in Garlic Butter is a delectable dish that tantalizes the taste buds with its succulent shrimp and crisp asparagus. 

The garlicky butter adds an aromatic touch that elevates the flavors to new heights. 

The combination of shrimp and asparagus is a match made in culinary heaven, and this dish is sure to impress any seafood lover. 

Whether you’re cooking for a weekday dinner or a special event, this recipe is a winner!


Shrimp & Spinach Cream Sauce

Shrimp & Spinach Cream Sauce is another delicious seafood dish that’s sure to please. 

The creamy sauce complements the tender shrimp and spinach, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. 

The spinach adds a healthy twist to the dish while the cream sauce adds a touch of indulgence. 

This dish goes well on a romantic dinner or a special occasion. The elegant presentation and sophisticated taste make it a crowd favorite.


Surf & Turf (Steak & Shrimp)

Surf & Turf (Steak & Shrimp) is the ultimate indulgence for meat and seafood lovers alike. 

The combination of juicy steak and succulent shrimp is a classic pairing that has always been a go-to option. 

The tender steak is perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection, while the shrimp adds a burst of flavor that complements the meat perfectly. 

It’s a dish that will always be a staple and is sure to impress even the most discerning palate.


Final Thoughts

The keto diet is a perfect lifestyle if you need to lose weight but don’t follow it because it calls for special recipes with healthy ingredients. 

Many people drop these diets because the recipes are too challenging for the beginners and have boring flavor. 

However, the keto shrimp recipes mentioned in this post are pretty amazing and taste finger-licking good. 

The best part is that even novice people can try out these keto shrimp recipes, so you don’t have to worry about difficult instructions. 

So, wear that hanging apron and enjoy the deliciousness!